Peak Performance specialises in delivering nothing short of the best training experience possible. Based on the highly effective Functional training methodology, we have created a unique approach to training that is designed to get you the best results possible, regardless of whether your goal is to lose weight, gain lean muscle or increase your athletic performance. Our highly experienced coaching team is passionate about providing you with the knowledge, tools and support you need to reach your fitness goals, whether you wish to be a top-tier competitor or if you are completely new to fitness. We monitor & measure your progress and tailor your training based on objective, quantifiable data to make sure your training is always giving you maximum results.


Just minutes from the major transport networks of the South Coast lies one of the counties premier functional training gyms, Peak Performance. Natural light floods our meticulously maintained facility which is kitted out with all of the best equipment needed for members to train competitively or just for fun. We've designed our training facility to be the ideal location for physical performance, mental stimulation and good vibes. We welcome you to take a look by booking a tour, to see the real thing! We're not like your typical gym - we want the training to be tough, but the experience to be fun & friendly.